Spirit Week Day 4: Celebrity Day

Presidential candidates, cartoon characters, and famous singers paraded through the halls for Dreyfoos’ inaugural Celebrity Day on Jan. 28.  

During lunch, students were treated to a show as the juniors and freshmen faced off against the sophomores and seniors in the annual Powderpuff Basketball Game. The sophomores and seniors took the lead with a final score of 8-0. During halftime, boys tied their shirts and performed dances to participate in Powderpuff Cheerleading.

“Before the game, I tried to choose people for the team I knew played basketball before,” band sophomore and Powderpuff Basketball participant Hailey Ray said. “A lot of us played basketball together at Bak so it was cool to play together again.”

The point standings as of today are as follows:

Seniors: 723 tickets, 25 points

Juniors: 593 tickets, 22 points

Sophomores: 839 tickets, 23 points

Freshmen: 347 tickets, 13 points