Homecoming entertains students with casual “House Party” theme


Photo by Jade Lenkersdorf

Vocal senior Josh Johnson (left) dances at Homecoming on Jan. 29. It was untraditional this year, with a “House Party” theme that allowed more casual attire and offered many games for students to play and win prizes.

Early 2000s pop thrummed through the gym as students dressed in T-shirts and ripped jeans danced. Dreyfoos continued to be unconventional through its Homecoming theme, “House Party.” This year, rather than the traditional sequined dresses for girls and buttoned down shirts for boys, students dressed in casual attire.

Games were centered on the sidelines of the gym, a DJ vibrated the floors, and special prizes helped create an unforgettable atmosphere.

“[This year’s Homecoming] is more fun and easygoing than last year’s,” digital media junior Cydney Chiamardas said. “Last year really didn’t have as much to do other than just sit down and eat.”

The “House Party” theme allowed for more flexibility of Homecoming festivities. Games such as cornhole, giant chess, and a prize wheel were available to students. If one was lucky, spinning the prize wheel could result in five seconds in the new money machine, a small plastic-covered box where one zips themselves inside and wears science goggles to catch and win money. A “Super Smash Bros” video game tournament drew gamers into an all-night event where John I Leonard freshman Bradley Jaquez won first place, followed by visual senior Michelle Guerrero.

“The video game booth [was] really cool,” Chiamardas said. “The money machine [was also really interesting].”

Entrance to the money machine was also possible through special tickets given to students who were rewarded through the “dress for success initiative” that SGA helped support during the week prior to Spirit Week. The money machine had cash, along with fake bills and special coupons such as up to 50 percent off of the price of Grad Bash. This new machine was the key addition to Homecoming, but students also enjoyed the more casual atmosphere.

“I prefer this [attire],” vocal freshman Chandini Phares said. “I think it’s really nice to be casual, you can wear whatever you want.”

Due to the dressed-down style of the night, students felt more comfortable expressing themselves as they sipped on soft drinks and made an occasional visit to the photo booth. The gym, littered with games and centered around food and dancing, had transformed into a room filled with twinkling christmas lights, left over lightsabers from the day’s Pep Rally, and black, gold, and red balloons.

“[The gym looks really cool,” Phares said. “I really love the decorations. It doesn’t feel like a gym anymore. It’s just amazing.”

Under the twinkling lights and floating balloons, the Homecoming court was announced. Freshmen earl was band freshman Ryan Bergman, and countess was theatre freshman Gaelle Simon. The duke and duchess of the sophomore class were theatre sophomores Jacquez Linder-Long and Emily Betts. The junior prince and princess were theatre juniors Christopher Zarcadoolas and Araya Madison. For senior king and queen strings senior Mateo Dorado and communications senior Michelle Birch took home the crowns.

“I was surprised [I won Homecoming princess],” theatre junior Araya Madison said. “My other really good friend was running and I thought she was going to win.”

Winning seemed to be the theme of the night. While not all students were crowned in the Homecoming court, the endless array of activities gave students the chance to win at something. With prizes in hand, students left Homecoming feeling accomplished and satisfied with the evening.

“I would recommend it,” Chiamardas said. “I would definitely [go to another Homecoming at Dreyfoos]. It [was] really fun.”