Band junior Aaron Abbey was among the four applicants selected to take part in renowned conductor Michael Tilson’s masterclass.
Mentorship Through Musicality
Bridget Frawley, Writer • April 10, 2021
Theatre junior Sunaina Singh removes wrinkles from a green screen. Recording the show has allowed for changes in scenic design.
Devising the Future
Asher Moss, Content Team Editor • April 9, 2021
Dreyfoos was one of six high schools across the country selected to participate in the concert, earning the chance to play two pieces as a band. Band teacher Christopher De Leon, who has participated at similar events with other high school bands, presented this opportunity. “We all were looking forward to it, we all decided it was a big opportunity for us,” band senior Ivan Serafin said. “It was [an] experience, a way of making our performances more enjoyable.” Photos by Lexi Critchett.
Harmonies Amid a Year of Dissonance
Lexi Critchett, Photo Staffer • March 5, 2021
Gifted Kid Burnout: More Than a Trend?
Gifted Kid Burnout: More Than a Trend?
Former “gifted” students report loss of drive in high school
Jenna Lee, Copy Staffer • March 30, 2021
In a World After COVID- 19
In a World After COVID- 19
Students look forward to life after lockdown
Sam Cohen and Sandra Nemes February 25, 2021
Kayla Esther Zakarin, right, and her boyfriend, left, sit on the beach holding wine glasses filled with cake.
Celebrating a Day of Love
Students honor Valentine’s Day through creative dates, cards, and Hershey Kisses
Bridget Frawley, Writer • February 18, 2021
"I hope [my image] evokes reliability and/or understanding. Teens, AKA test takers, [will] hopefully relate to at least one of the figures shown," visual junior Giovanna Romano said about the cartoon above. "I thought it would be a good idea to illustrate how different people handle hard tests, and different emotional reactions to not knowing the answer."
Why Pass/Fail is Necessary
With the pandemic exacerbating inequities, letter grading is failing our students
The Editorial Board and Miles Wang March 30, 2021
A How-To Guide for American Education
A How-To Guide for American Education
Jenna Lee, Copy Staffer • February 14, 2021
The “Brothers in Blue” Mentality
The “Brothers in Blue” Mentality
Melodie Barrau, Business Editor • June 7, 2020
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Senior, left midfield, Katelyn Carter smiles as she is given flowers and a crown by her teammates. Players surround her and celebrate senior night while following  COVID-19 guidelines.
Girls Soccer Senior Night: Saying Goodbye to Graduating Teammates
As the girls soccer season approaches a close, seniors get past the pandemic to celebrate their senior night
Isabella Johnson, Photo Staffer • February 10, 2021
Band freshman Ava DeGaetano receives the ball from a teammate in preparation for their game. They focused on pass accuracy during the warmup, a strength the soccer team has been working on. “We connect very well with each other,” DeGaetano said, “on and off the soccer field.”
Sam Cohen, Sports Writer • December 12, 2019
Steffan Gawlikowski, center, stood alongside his teammates, as he prepared to walk onto the field to begin the game.
Jules Popiel, Sports Editor • November 8, 2019
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