Alexander W. Dreyfoos School of the Arts | 501 S. Sapodilla Ave, WPB, FL 33401


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  • April 15Spring into College Series on April 19th at 11:19 a.m. in the Media Center
  • April 15Incent to Run Info Meeting on April 18th at 11:19 a.m. in Meyer Hall
  • April 15Nutrition Club Meeting on April 18th at 11:10 a.m. in the Media Center
  • April 15VA/DM Senior Show on April 17th at 5 p.m. in Buildings 2 and 9
  • April 15Students Against Human Trafficking Event on April 17th at 11:19 a.m. in the Media Center
  • April 15Ring Ceremony on April 17th at 9:00 a.m. in Meyer Hall
  • April 15SAC on April 16th at 5:30 p.m. in the Media Center
  • April 15Arts Club Meeting on April 16th at 11:19 a.m. in the Gym
  • April 15Career Fair on April 15th at 11:19 a.m. in the Media Center
Alexander W. Dreyfoos School of the Arts | 501 S. Sapodilla Ave, WPB, FL 33401


Alexander W. Dreyfoos School of the Arts | 501 S. Sapodilla Ave, WPB, FL 33401


All content by Photo by Julia Bonavita
Belting out the lyrics to Adele’s “Skyfall”, theatre senior Sarah Joseph (L-R) and vocal senior Makayla Forgione represented their class in the karaoke competition at today’s pep rally. The seniors won first place in karaoke.

[Photo] Students Showcase Spirit at Pep Rally

Cody Baez, Entertainment Editor
January 27, 2017
Vocal senior Nicole Kelly dressed up with costume and makeup at the Fall Festival.

[Photo] Halloween Trends

Emily Sweetz, Entertainment Staffer
November 1, 2016
(L-R) Theatre seniors Logan Russell and Joey Morfogen greet each other onstage in the midst of the Theatre Departments dress rehearsal of The Addams Family. Trying to find the right grunt took actually a lot more time and effort than I originally anticipated. I would end my days with a very sore throat from all of the experimenting with my voice until I found just the right moan. I get in character by imagining all of my foreboding college deadlines, schoolwork and everything in-between, said Russell, who plays Lurch in the musical. Tickets are currently on sale for The Addams Family, which opens on Oct. 28 and closes on Nov. 6. The Addams Family truly is a family. Everyone involved in the show, whether actor or production, has been extremely supportive and has allowed me to achieve a level of confidence that I did not imagine possible, said Russell.

[Photo] Photo of the Day 10/26

Julia Bonavita, Photo Editor
October 26, 2016
Theatre senior Ben Rothschild plays the drums as Dreyfoos club, The Collective, performs at lunch to celebrate International Womens Day. We decided to put on a show for the club because we love the cause. It was really fun and a great opportunity to celebrate women and get people together through music, vocal senior Makayla Forgione said. The Collective performed with various people from all majors to put on a show for students at lunch.

[Photo] Photo of the Day 10/11

Julia Bonavita, Photo Editor
October 11, 2016
Theatre senior Isabel Block cuts a piece of wood that will be used to assemble the set for Dreyfoos latest production, The Addams Family. Addams Family is opening October 28th. Build Crew has been working hard, and were getting things done. I feel confident that well be ready for the show, Block said.

[Photo] Photo of the Day 10/4

Julia Bonavita, Photo Editor
October 4, 2016

[Photo] Photo of the Day 9/27

Julia Bonavita, Photo Editor
September 27, 2016
Digital senior Ali Mundan prepares for a hit as communications junior Chantel McMillan spikes the ball over the net at a game against Santaluces High School on Sept. 26.

[Photo] Girls Volleyball Senior Night

Daniel Montoya, Sports Staffer
September 26, 2016
Students and teachers alike crowd into the gym for Dreyfoos’ annual Club Rush held this year on Sept. 20.

[Photo] Club Rush

Jack Yan, News Editor
September 20, 2016
(L-R) Communications senior, Matthew Nadel, communications sophomore, Eli Anderson and theatre senior, Suzanne Litwinka prepare The Gender and Sexuality Alliance Clubs table for Club Rush. In the Gender and Sexuality Alliance, we hope to create a supportive space for queer and ally students at Dreyfoos and to work with faculty and administration to make Dreyfoos an inclusive and safe place for all students. Every student, regardless of gender, sexuality, or any other factor, deserves safety and the opportunity to succeed in school. The Gender and Sexuality Alliance is here to ensure that, Nadel said. Students could sign up for various clubs, run by their fellow peers, at Club Rush on Sept. 20th.

[Photo] Photo of the Day 9/20

Julia Bonavita, Photo Editor
September 20, 2016
(L-R) Theatre seniors Bethany Hoffman and Emily DAddio give a presentation in social studies teacher Jeffrey Stohrs AP Government and Economics class on Jimmy Buffetts company, Margaritaville. Students were asked to choose a major company or entrepreneur and present their research to their class to exemplify economics in the world. We thought itd be a fun idea to do something different and put our own flair to it. It just took a quick drive to a party store and $20 later, we were dressed as Parrotheads. Dressing up is my favorite thing to do. Its always fun to see the reactions people have to an outrageous getup, Hoffman said. Presentations will continue through next week.

[Photo] Photo of the Day 9/14

Julia Bonavita, Photo Editor
September 14, 2016
Visual senior Kate Barker prepares her summer art project in the Building 9 gallery for the Visual/Digital Art Summer Show. Barker enjoys making custom dresses by printing her original designs onto fabric, then fashioning the dress using mannequins and live models. Its the first time Ive made a dress, so its fun to showcase something I havent done yet. Im proud of [the dress]. It made me realize my love of fashion, Barker said. The show will take place at 4:30pm on Wednesday, Sept. 7 in Building 9.

[Photo] Photo of the Day 9/6

Julia Bonavita, Photo Editor
September 6, 2016
(L-R) County Commissioner Steven Abrams, Judge Leonard Hanser and Judge August Bonavita, members of the Supervisor of Elections Canvasing Board, review a rejected absentee ballot. The Canvasing Board studies each ballot and attempt to determine the intent of the voter.

[Photo] Photo of the Day 8/30

Julia Bonavita, Photo Editor
August 30, 2016
Dace senior Alex Faife checks out her AP Government textbook from Ms. Belinda Castillo. [Distribution of] textbooks are going really smooth and it has been a team effort from everyone, Ms. Castillo said. Students have spent the first week of school checking out various textbooks to accommodate their academic and arts classes.

[Photo] Photo of the Day 8/23

Julia Bonavita, Photo Editor
August 23, 2016
Theatre seniors Suzanne Litwinka and Aly Mazzie share a laugh after taking a class photo with the graduating class of 2017. Today marks the second Senior Blackout Day for this class, with all seniors dressing in black to celebrate their future graduation.

[Photo] Photo of the Day 8/19

Julia Bonavita, Photo Editor
August 19, 2016
Communications sophomore Elizabeth White purchases her locker for the year from volunteer, Mrs. Fullop in the cafeteria. 

Its fun to interact with the kids in the first week of school, said volunteer, Mrs. Fullop. 

Lockers will be available for purchase throughout the first week of school.

[Photo] Photo of the Day 8/16

Julia Bonavita, Photo Editor
August 16, 2016
Vocal junior Christian Ucelo holds a fetal pig heart during an Anatomy dissection. I would like to study medicine, and having the opportunity to dissect a pig has allowed me to further my knowledge in what I would like to do and have an idea of what I will be doing in medical school, Ucelo said. Classes have spent the week applying what they have learned throughout the year through the dissections.

[Photo] Photo of the Day 4/28

Julia Bonavita, Photo Editor
April 28, 2016
Dance senior Alexia Belrose performs during “Strongholds.” The yellow costume and face makeup is symbolic of greed and corrupt ambition, as our society is grounded in materialism. We’re told that the more we have, the happier we’ll be.

[Photo] “Strongholds”

Ashley Brundage, Arts Editor
April 24, 2016
Dance junior and 2015 Mr. Dreyfoos Darius Hickman crowns the 2016 winner, theatre senior Matthew Paszkiet, at the second annual Mr. Dreyfoos Pageant hosted by A Prom To Remember on April 14 in Meyer Hall.

It feels amazing to be a part of A Prom to Remember knowing that we are helping give cancer patients a night that they will never forget and being a part of this event was great because anything we can do to help the kids is amazing, said vocal junior Jared Freedland. 

All donations and proceeds from this event were used by the students to help orchestrate the prom for cancer patients.

[Photo] Photo of the Day 4/14

Julia Bonavita, Photo Editor
April 14, 2016
Visual senior Jailine Cano showcases her original artwork as a t-shirt design to digital media senior Casey McDonald at the last art sale of the 2015-2016 school year. The art sale, which takes place semi-annually on Freshman Hill, allows students to sell their artwork to other members of the Dreyfoos community.

[Photo] Photo of the Day 4/13

Julia Bonavita, Photo Editor
April 13, 2016
Communications senior Naomi Kelly (L-R) runs along visual senior Heather Hart at the track and field teams first meet of the season. The meet took place at The Benjamin School and some of the events such as the field events were cancelled due to the rain.

[Photo] First Track Meet

Daniel Montoya, Sports Staffer
February 23, 2016
Strings sophomore Nicole Lickstein practices her guitar on Freshman Hill. Lickstein has been practicing for years and recently released a single titled Ex Crush off her upcoming album.

[Photo] Photo of the Day: 11/3

Julia Bonavita, Photo Staffer
November 3, 2015
Science dean Stephen Anand competes for the junior class in the pie eating contest  during the Fall Festival.  Juniors got second place, while seniors got first place with science teacher Michael Rathe.

[Photo] Photo of the Day: 10/30

Julia Bonavita, Photo Staffer
October 30, 2015
Communications junior Brittany McKenzie is surprised on her birthday by The Muse staff, lead by communications junior Hannah Dunn. McKenzie turns 17 today and has spent the day finding clues as part of a scavenger hunt that lead up to this surprise. It meant so much to me that my friends took so much time to plan this great birthday surprise,  McKenzie said.

[Photo] Photo of the Day: 10/20

Julia Bonavita, Photo Staffer
October 20, 2015
Band senior Triton Payne and communications junior Daniel Kauffman, co-presidents of the Video Game Club announce auditions for voice actors for the production of the clubs upcoming video game. 
Its a club where people who are not able to connect with people out in the social setting can connect through video games, Payne said. 
The Video Game Club serves as a way for fellow gamers to meet, collaborate with, and challenge each other. The club meets every Thursday at lunch in Room 3-306.

[Photo] Photo of the Day: 10/16

Julia Bonavita, Photo Staffer
October 16, 2015
Communications senior and Photo Editor Jade Lenkersdorf hands theatre senior Robert Scruggs a copy of issue 1 of The Muse during lunch.

[Photo] Photo of the Day: 10/15

Julia Bonavita, Photo Staffer
October 15, 2015
Communications junior Krystal Sundar hides from the Florida heat while studying for her upcoming French test on the second floor of Building 1. Sundar enjoyed sitting in this particular area during her sophomore year. 

She was not affected by Dreyfoos Adminstration banning all students from eating in the buildings during lunch, despite having to occasionally share her coveted  spot with passerbys who are still looking for a permanent outdoor seating arrangement.

[Photo] Photo of the Day: 10/9

Julia Bonavita, Photo Staffer
October 9, 2015
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