Students Enjoy ‘Fun Friday’ Festivities


Photo by Julia Bonavita

(L-R) Dance senior Miranda Capparelli and junior Madelynn Gallo dance and sing along to music at the Fun Friday event hosted in the cafeteria by SGA.

With the sound of the lunch bell, students gather with their peers to enjoy an hour of lunch filled with laughter and no work. Embracing this optimistic ambience, the Student Government Association (SGA) enacted Fun Friday, a celebration that takes place during lunch on the last Friday of every month outside the cafeteria.

Beginning in October, SGA sported orange clothing to raise awareness for anti-bullying and passed out treats. On Nov. 18, SGA hosted their second Fun Friday of the school year. They passed out free ice cream, played music, and socialized with the student body.

“I’m really glad that the student government started Fun Friday,” theatre junior Azure Kordick said. “I think [Fun Friday] is really cool because [students] get to listen to music and songs that we enjoy, while eating ice cream which is always a plus.”

With the occasional breeze of the coming fall, the weather remains perfect for an ice cream snack during lunch. Members of SGA distributed ice cream bars to combat the heat and rejuvenate students’ energy that is often lost from hours in class.  

“I love [Fun Friday] because I get to enjoy ice cream,” theatre sophomore Carlton Willis said. “[By far, my favorite part] is getting lit with my friends during lunch. The music is a bonus.”

Fun Friday, an event directed towards ending the week with entertainment, has been especially favored by students. With the next Fun Friday, students anticipate a sweet treat and lighthearted conversations.

“[My favorite part of Fun Friday] is definitely the ice cream and socializing with my friends,” Kordick said. “I hope they keep doing it.”