Behind the scenes of “Shrek: the Musical”

It’s Saturday, around 4:15 p.m. and Morgan and I are at school.

But, we’re not alone, though it seemed like it at first. Both the student and teachers parking lots are empty, and my parents drove around the school to find some gate that wasn’t locked, until we realize the parking lot behind the theatre building is packed. And after a series of events featuring Morgan and I embarrassing ourselves to try and get into Meyer Hall, we are finally in. Thirty or so theatre majors are with us, working to perfect the scenery for the show. We enter the shop classroom (which we later learn is connected to the stage) and begin filming. Rock music is playing and crew members of every kind are here, wearing old clothes with fresh paint stains, sneakers with holes, safety goggles, and aprons dusted with wood. Their hands are dirty, their faces flushed, their smiles bright. They are part of something great.

“Shrek the Musical” opens Saturday, Feb. 27 and students have been working tirelessly almost seven days a week for months to prepare for its premiere.