Shane McVan and Noah Cantor

With the implementation of math teacher and long-distance coach Craig Adams this year, in addition to social studies teacher and short-distance coach Ross Vening, the Dreyfoos track and field team has evolved greatly in regards to training and results. Having two coaches has allowed for practice to become more individualized for all members of the team. With long-distance runners and short-distance sprinters making up the vast majority of the team, the two different styles can be split up and trained in a manner more specific to their event. However, having two coaches has also made track practice much harder compared to prior years.

“Track practice is much more difficult since Mr. Adams joined the team,” theatre junior Madison Burmeister said. “We have to do new kinds of stretches and exercises that Mr. Vening never put us through. It’s much more intense and painful, but I think we’ve grown a lot as a team this year.”

A normal practice for the track team consists of warm-up exercises like burpees, “spidermans”, and high-knees. From there, the team splits into two groups, where long-distance runners are pushed to run dozens of laps, oftentimes with weights included. Short-distance sprinters do repeated drills and heavy weight training to improve the burst of strength needed during a sprint. 

While training might be more demanding this year, the results have proven the efficacy of such intense practice. Multiple team members have made it to regionals and have the opportunity to advance to states depending on their results at future tournaments. 

“I am thrilled with our team this year,” Mr. Vening said. “We have grown as a family and have performed very well at meets. Having [Mr. Adams] as a co-coach has made this year easier for me while also greatly improving our team.”