Disadvantages of Dreyfoos Sports


Julia Bonavita

The Dreyfoos soccer field is 3/4 the size of a regular high school soccer field.

Alana Gomez, Sports Editor

At Dreyfoos, students are encouraged to participate in as many activities as possible. With one of the best high school programs in the state, we are pushed to go beyond our artistic and academic limits by engaging in the multiple other clubs and organizations that our school has to offer; however, with students participating in as many activities as they do, sports are often forgotten about.

Sports: the biggest joke of Dreyfoos. Other high schools attribute our inability to do well on the field simply because we are an arts school, and the students are artistic but not athletic. However, we all fail to recognize that the answer may not be the students who are participating, but rather the lack of tools given to us to participate. In order to create a full toolbox for a successful athletic team, you need the right tools. Here at Dreyfoos, building that ideal toolbox is harder because we don’t have the proper tools in our athletic department to build from.

The month of January means a new year and a new track and field season. This time of the school year leaves many students wandering around campus after school looking for tryouts at the school track. However, newcomers may not realize that here at Dreyfoos, that track does not exist. One of the biggest problems the track and field team is that they have no track. This makes it difficult to find a place to practice. The lack of a track to train on puts the team at a disadvantage, as they have to practice at a neighboring Roosevelt Middle School, which is ten minutes away from Dreyfoos. Here, the team is able to use the equipment necessary for practice, like the long jump pit, blocks for sprinters and of course, the track.

Additionally, there is no mode of transportation provided for teams, causing difficulties for many students. It’s already known that students travel from everywhere in Palm Beach County to attend Dreyfoos. Through the use of Tri­Rail and buses, these students are able to make it to school. Despite this, they cannot find ways to athletic activities because they are not given a mode of transportation from the school.

One of the essential parts of high school sports is being able to provide transportation to athletes who do not have rides to matches and competitions. Many high schools use an activity bus for this, but due to Dreyfoos’s lack of one, student athletes must depend on rides from coaches, parents, or friends in order to attend events and practices. Some

Dreyfoos athletes find that without an activity bus to take them back and forth to competitions, they can’t participate in sports. They lose an opportunity to participate in an activity they love because we have failed to provide basic means for them.