Dreyfoos: After Hours

The 3:40 bell may signal the end of the school day, though the school remains buzzing with life

Kaylee Weiss, Social Media Staffer

3:50 p.m: Band junior Cole Pasch practices the euphonium, a brass wind instrument, during an after-school rehearsal.
“I like staying after school for rehearsals because it means I get to spend more time playing in ensembles with my friends,” Pasch said. “After the rehearsal’s over, I’ll sometimes go out and get food with my friends.”
“I think I prefer after-school rehearsals more because I get to end my day on a good foot — I’d get to play fun music, play with my friends, and not really have to worry about going to my next class after it’s done.”
(Lexi Critchett)


4:00 p.m: Communications sophomore Chloe Prandi (right) runs track during after-school practice. At track meets, competes in the 100 meter dash, 200 meter dash, and 4 by 100 meter relay race.
“I like staying after school for track because it feels good to get all my energy out after a long school day and train with my team,” Prandi said. “My favorite part about track is having fun with my team and continuing to grow and learn to get faster. I’m passionate about my sport so I enjoy the individual aspect of sprinting in a race alone, but I also love to train with my team and get to have fun with everybody.”
(Lexi Critchett)


4:10 p.m: Theatre senior Ryan Lamontagne rehearses for the theatre production “Little Shop of Horrors” after school. Lamontagne plays Orin Scrivello, A.K.A “The Dentist.”
“I like after-school rehearsals,” Lamontagne said. “It’s always fun to see your castmates and friends after school and work on something together without the stresses of class. Being able to work on a show and create it is a lot of fun and awesome to do. (The) worst part (is) when we get closer to opening and they start stretching to later times. Rehearsal starting out can last till around 6:00 or 6:30 and later on in the process ending time gets pushed to 7:00, 8:00, or 9:00.” (Lexi Critchett)


4:20 p.m: Visual senior and boys volleyball setter Dennis Gettinger serves a volleyball during practice.
“I look forward to practice every day,” Gettinger said. “I’ve wanted to play here since freshman year because I played in middle school and really liked it. This is the first chance I’ve had to play here so I was really excited to try out.”
(Lexi Critchett)