As the cast and crew of “Cry-Baby: The Musical” prepare for their final performances this weekend, they reflect on their debut. “Learning how to keep the show fresh and keep my voice rested is something I’ll always be learning, and this show has truly helped me get a feel for hopefully what I’ll get to do professionally,”  theatre junior Jade Huber said, who took on one of the lead roles, Allison, in the production. “I’m having the most fun just getting to play [Allison] on stage; this show really allows me to let myself go.” Cry-Baby himself, played by theatre senior Mason Taylor, also sees past performances as a learning opportunity. “This past weekend has been an amazing experience because separated, we’re all smart and talented people,” Taylor said. “But together we put up one of the most amazing shows I’ve ever done.” Watch the video above to see what goes into making a musical at Dreyfoos.