Allison Robbert

One of generation day’s biggest appeals is the large variety of music played during the dances and its old-school allure.

Arms shot up from the crowd in a sea of applause as the neon-clad seniors started off the ‘80s generation dance dancing to Flashdance’s “Maniac.” Roars erupted as the juniors, in their ‘70s themed apparel, whipped out a “Make Art Not War” sign with “Another Brick in The Wall, Pt. 2” by Pink Floyd playing in the background.  The highly-anticipated annual generation dances not only provide students with a new appreciation for the past, but also just a few more songs for their playlists. Below, The Muse compiled the best of each decade in songs.  

Freshmen: 1950s 

Sophomore: 1960s 

Juniors: 1970s 

Seniors: 1980s