Freshman Maria Clara Da Fonseca

Music Genre Day: Country
Along with her new cowboy hat, Da Fonseca plans to wear a plaid shirt “as one does” to imitate a rodeo look. “I’m gonna look a little silly (in the country outfit) in my opinion,” Da Fonseca said. (Sofia Hennessey-Correa)

Coming from a middle school where participating in dress-up themes was deemed “weird,” vocal freshman Maria Clara Da Fonseca said she is ready to experience a “real” Spirit Week.

“Before I went to Dreyfoos, I asked a couple (of) people I know for advice or some tips,” Da Fonseca said. “And one of the first things every single one of them stated was that Dreyfoos goes all out on their spirit weeks. There’s no holding back.”

Da Fonseca has been prepping her outfits since she found out about the freshman themes a couple (of) weeks ago, foraging through her closet for pieces to wear on the Fourth of July and 1950s days. She borrowed clothes and accessories from her friends and mother that would tie her outfits together, and she only bought one new item. 

“Most of my outfits (I have planned) make me feel quite powerful,” Da Fonseca said. “For the country and Fourth of July outfit I’m gonna feel a little silly in my opinion, but it’s going to look really cool. Certain outfits are going to make me feel really empowered. It’s very out of character for me.”

On the first day of Spirit Week, Da Fonseca plans to wake up earlier than usual and dress herself as a cowgirl — complete with the boots and the hat — an outfit that she would never think of wearing if it weren’t for Spirit Week. She said she hopes she won’t be the only freshman “decked out.”

“I have high expectations,” Da Fonseca said. “People say it’s super fun. It’s like the best week of the school year. I’m really excited and pumped to see if Dreyfoos can hold up to these expectations I have.”

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  • Class Clique Day: Nerds With tape wrapped around her glasses and a book open in front of her, Da Fonseca models her nerd look.

  • Generations Day: 1950s Da Fonseca poses with ‘50s-style sunglasses and checkerboard pants borrowed from a friend. “It is going to be like I just time traveled back into the ‘50s,” Da Fonseca said. “I will be surrounded by people from a different era, and it’s going to be super cool.”

  • Holidays Day: Fourth of July Mid jump, Da Fonseca combines two pieces she wears often to create an outfit for the Fourth of July theme. “I’m really excited to have people go all out (and) put full effort into this,” Da Fonseca said.

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