A Fresh New Perspective

Freshmen share their expectations for their first Spirit Week


Esra Cattelane

Background image: The Class of 2025, the freshman class of 2022, fill the gym bleachers to cheer and celebrate during last year’s Pep Rally. Photo courtesy of Natalie Ryder

Jeremiah Alondra, Copy Staffer

With each class preparing for the upcoming Spirit Week festivities, the freshman class may be left to wonder what these events have in store for them. While Spirit Week veterans know what to expect, freshmen could still be unsure of the extent to which Spirit Week is celebrated on campus. The Muse asked freshmen about their Spirit Week expectations.

I’ve heard that Dreyfoos goes all out during Spirit Week and that practically all students really enjoy and are involved in activities during Spirit Week. I have seen some Lip Dub videos before coming to campus, and everyone seems like they are having a great time in them.”

— piano freshman Scarlett Huang


As someone who comes from a middle school with lazily coordinated pajama days, I’ve heard that Spirit Week here at Dreyfoos is a huge event, but reflecting on my middle school Pep Rally experience, I think that Dreyfoos will serve as a much bigger production than my middle school did.”

— communications freshman Ashwin Kishor


(The freshman class) might struggle a little bit (during the Spirit Week events), but I think we’ll pull up on this. A few of us are physically outmatched by other grades, but I think we’ll be able to do decent in other categories that don’t require physical attributes. We just need to find our confidence, and I think we’ll be golden.”

— strings freshman Austin Phung


I think (Spirit Week) is going to be a lot of fun, and I’m excited to see what everyone’s going to wear. Honestly, I think it’s going to be a lot better than middle school because you get to be in it more and get to participate. You get to do a lot more than I thought.”

— band freshman John Thomas Berley


I’m super excited because my school last year didn’t really do any kind of Spirit Week, and I think a bunch of people will dress up. I’ve seen posts of students about Spirit Week before, and all the teachers talk about how much the kids like it. We got shown the Lip Dub at orientation, but I didn’t see it before coming here.”

— theatre freshman Zepplyn Berry