Alarming side effects of summer “all -nighters”

As summer starts, one thing most students look forward to is the opportunity to sleep-in every morning. With most not feeling obligated to stay up late to have a study cram session, or finish that last-minute homework assignment, students feel it is okay to stay up hanging with friends or watching Netflix. They know that they can stay up late without a penalty the next morning because there is no school. However, studies show that lacking sleep can not only put you in a bad mood, but can also have harmful effects on ones health.

We have all experienced having droopy eyes or dark circles under our eyes, and while most think it is just because they are tired, these are all signs of premature aging. When someone is deprived of sleep, the human body releases a hormone called cortisol, which can break down fats found in our face. This slowly causes skin aging. Even more serious effects caused by a lack of sleep are heart attacks and even heart disease. The human body needs sleep, and when someone does not get enough of it, the human body becomes out of balance and it can show in someone’s blood pressure, skin and memory. Sleep is needed to help store information or memories in the brain, and when someone does not get sleep, their body will have difficulty remembering things.

Unfortunately, as people get older they have more responsibilities and obligations with school and work that can cause a lack of sleep. With the negative effects it can have on ones health, getting the recommended amount of sleep every night will help ones body function as normal.