[BRIEF] One for the History Books: NHHS is Back in Action

National History Honor Society hosted their induction this week


Natalie Ryder

Introducing the officers of National History Honor Society, vocal senior and NHHS President Francesca Moore prepares to induct 64 new members into NHHS.

Ruth Weisberg, Website Staffer

Juniors and seniors gathered in the Media Center filled with donated treats for the National History Honor Society (NHHS) induction on Dec. 15. The main goal of NHHS is to bring teachers and students together that have a shared passion for history, allowing them to learn from each other’s experiences, ideas, and stories, as stated on the National History Club website. 

“It’s really cool to have the honor society be successful, especially after a year like last year where a lot of people weren’t super involved with stuff,” vocal senior and NHHS President Francesca Moore said. “It’s cool to have a lot of people interested and passionate about history like me, so I was happy to see a bunch of people being inducted.”

During the induction ceremony, the honor society’s officers introduced themselves and the inductees watched a brief video about the history of New Year’s. Moore read off the names of the students being inducted and applause from new and returning members followed.