[BRIEF] Turning up the Tunes

Spirit Week began with freshmen taking the lead, competitive games, and a music genre dress-up theme


Ruth Weisberg, Website Staffer

Today was the first full day of Spirit Week, and students celebrated by dressing up in their grade’s music-genre theme:

  • Freshmen – Country
  • Sophomores – Techno Pop
  • Juniors – Indie
  • Seniors – Early 2000s
  • Staff – Rock ‘n’ Roll

During lunch, representatives from each grade played Sharks and Minnows, Knight Mount Carry, and Simon Says in the gym. The freshmen take the lead with 205 points, then the seniors with 186 points, sophomores with 154 points, and juniors with 141 points.

Tomorrow’s theme is class cliques:

  • Freshmen – Nerds
  • Sophomores – Preps
  • Juniors – Jocks and Cheerleaders
  • seniors – Goth
  • Staff – Hipsters 

A student vs. teacher basketball game will take place in the gym, along with a half-time show by theatre freshman George “King Smooth” Bostic.