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Alexander W. Dreyfoos School of the Arts | 501 S. Sapodilla Ave, WPB, FL 33401


Alexander W. Dreyfoos School of the Arts | 501 S. Sapodilla Ave, WPB, FL 33401


Dreyfoos on Ice
Dreyfoos on Ice
April 22, 2024
Lining the bleachers in the gymnasium, sophomores cheer on performers during the Battle of the Bands competition.
Battle of the Genres
March 14, 2024

The Start of Spirit Week: A Healthy Dose of Rivalry

Music Genre Day kicked off Spirit Week with students clad in music-genre themed clothing and games in the Gym
Natalie Ryder
In front of the sophomore section, band junior Makens Joseph cheers as the games begin in the Gym during lunch for the first day of Spirit Week.
During lunch, the sophomores cheer on their classmates competing in games. Students participated in Sharks and Minnows; Simon Says; and Knight, Mount, and Carry. (Natalie Ryder)

Students donning leather and flannels, bright neons and metallics, floral patterns, and velvet tracksuits flooded the campus this morning to welcome the first day of Spirit Week.

The Gym brimmed with chattering students, where a lunch period of games like Sharks and Minnows, Simon Says, and Knight, Mount, Carry occurred, pitting classes against each other for a chance to gather more points for their grade level

“I really enjoyed the school spirit of having everyone in the Gym together,” visual sophomore Ava Grave de Peralta said. “It was actually a lot of fun rooting for our team, for the sophomores to win even though we lost most of the games. It was really fun just having everyone there, the energy, and the screaming compared to last year especially.” 

Sitting alongside her friends, visual junior Zofia Killeen cheers for her classmates as they play Sharks and Minnows.
(Natalie Ryder)


After everyone settled down in their respective area in the Gym — each corner sectioned off for one grade — the SGA officers rounded up the participants for the first game and explained the rules of Sharks and Minnows. The “minnows” had to dart across the Gym while simultaneously avoiding getting tagged by the “sharks.” Once tagged, the eliminated minnow would join the shark population in tagging the remaining minnows. 

Initially, the minnows were hesitant and shuffled back and forth, but chants and screams from the bleachers eventually coaxed them out. Dance junior Jonelle Brinkley claimed victory for the juniors. 


After being eliminated from Knight, Mount, Carry, theatre sophomore Lucas Lacey walked away from a “sad but fun defeat.”
“It was a great experience for me,” Lacey said. “The games were so much fun and the school spirit really helps make it a lot of fun.”
Lacey is looking forward to the outfits he has planned and the games taking place during the next four days of Spirit Week.

Band sophomore Nihar Bhavsar signed up to play as one of the minnows. And although he seemed bitter about his loss since they, “not gonna lie, only tagged my shirt,” he shrugged it off and recalled having a positive experience overall.

“It was very intensive,” Bhavsar said. “Since I’m representing my grade, I want to win. And what was fun in particular was fine, as well. Seeing everyone, being able to play just, and represent your grade is an exhilarating emotion. It’s the excitement you get from it.”

The second game was Knight, Mount, Carry, where participants in pairs acted out the commands of “knight” (the first person kneels and second person places their hand on their head), “carry” (the first person picks up the second in their arms), “mount” (piggyback), and “hit the heck” (drop to the floor). The team with the slowest reaction is eliminated. 

In the end, it was down to one junior pair and two senior pairs. They were then commanded to “mount” while walking around and “hitting the deck.” However, the following command determined everything: “knight.” The junior team misinterpreted it as “mount,” immediately eliminating them and crowning seniors as champions of the game. 

“It was funny to watch all the groups rushing to jump into each other’s arms and like each other’s backs,” visual sophomore Ava Grave de Peralta said.

Participating in Knight, Mount, Carry, communications senior Charlie Blackwell lies on the floor after SGA Co-President and communications senior Christian Chantayan yelled “hit the deck.” Contestants of this game must follow instructions as quickly as possible.
“The first day of Spirit Week was exhilarating,” Blackwell said. “Especially as a senior, it’s an amazing experience to see so many of my peers dressing up. Many of my friends are also on SGA, so it’s a really neat process to see them set up and work to make this the best week possible.”




The third and final game was Simon Says. A large crowd of players was quickly reduced to two: communications freshman Jason Monaco and digital sophomore Nicole Caban. The final command was to see who could stand on one foot and touch their toes for the longest. Monaco lost his balance, resulting in a win for the sophomores. 

“It was all fun even though I got kicked out because my Chicken Dance was bad,” band senior Reymon Contrera Brito said after playing Simon Says. “I was trying to make a show out of it, entertain everyone, and have fun.”

Playing Simon Says, band senior Reymon Contrera Brito bends down to touch his toes.


The games in the Gym set the stage for the rest of the activities to come in the remaining days of Spirit Week.

“I love how competitive all the games we do at Dreyfoos are, but there’s still a friendly competition,” vocal sophomore Aileen Pereda said. “I really, really loved seeing that.”

Games will continue throughout the week to see which class will win the spirit stick.

“We can all express ourselves at Dreyfoos,” Contrera Brito said. “But, (Spirit Week) is a chance for us to just have fun. Just for us to go for it, to be weird, to be Dreyfoos.”

Chantayan leads the “two-oh, two-two” chant for the senior class.


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