Misleading health claims: Vitamin Water

When approaching a vending machine, Vitamin Water seems like a healthy option to quench your summer thirst on a hot day. However, the name “Vitamin Water” can be very misleading according to the scientists from the Center for Science in the Public Interest. The CSPI is filing a class action lawsuit against Coca Cola, the distributors of Vitamin Water, claiming that their beverage labels are inaccurate.

Consumers may not pay much attention to the nutritional facts of the beverage because the name “Vitamin Water” sounds healthy, but as scientists examined the popular drink, they were alarmed to find that it contains 39g of sugar. High sugar foods are known for causing bad eyesight, therefore some of Coca Cola’s claims could not be true. Coca Cola has advertised their product saying that they can “reduce the risk for eye disease” and “promote healthy joints,” but the CSPI was skeptical of these wellness benefits due to the not-so-healthy ingredients.

The CSPI has filed a lawsuit against Coca Cola in an effort to have Vitamin Water drink labels changed so they are not deceptive to consumers. According to ABC News, Coca Cola stated that the “claims are without merit and will ultimately be rejected.” As the court battle continues, maybe its better to avoid the unnecessary sugar by purchasing water from the schools vending machines this school year.