2021 Spirit Week Outfit Guide


Sophomores, juniors, and seniors may remember Spirit Week by the crowded bleachers with students jostling into place, screams of joy radiating through the gym as feet stomp and students clamour. The games have begun. 

While the in-person event is gone, a virtual version, complete with new additions, is just getting started. In March, SGA and class councils will debut new events. Pre-recorded dances and a talent exhibition will be showcased during the modified week. Regardless of changes, virtual and brick-and-mortar students can stay spirited.

Although Spirit Week may be different this year, there are still ways to get excited, and one way to start is by planning outfits. Here is an outfit guide to help navigate the new spirit week. 

Feel free to transform an existing wardrobe, or use this as a guide to wear new things. Submit a recreation or twist on these outfits via Instagram to @themuseatdsoa!

Day 1: Generation Day 

Freshman: 1950s

Visit the 1950s with this cute diner look or button-down shirt with jeans . The included diner hat is perfect to show spirit on camera for virtual students. Hair curled or slicked back can reflect the trends of this decade.

Sophomore: 1960s

Get the groove on with fringe vests, peace sign accessories, and some blue jeans to match. Hippie headband and earrings can be used to show off to your Google Meet. 
Juniors: 1970s

Throwing it back to the 70s, pair this disco dress with some white gogo boots for the perfect look, or add a retro button up to some disco pants. For hair, try to replicate some fluffy waves and a headband to pop through the screen. These glasses top off the look. 

Seniors: 1980s

The most common style for seniors on this day would have to be the classic athletic fashion from the 80s. A pair of shorts to go over a metallic leotard and colorful leggings, or some retro shorts and a color-block windbreaker, create the perfect 80s workout outfit. A voluminous hairstyle completes the virtual look. While there are so many styles that make up this decade, this outfit can be adapted to any color!

Day 2: Holidays

Freshman: 4th of July

Show off some patriotism with a pair of blue shorts, a red top, and some USA-inspired star earrings. To add even more flare, use the light-up necklace, perfect for showing spirit virtually.

Sophomores: St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick’s Day is all about loading up on green. A fun headband adds definition to the outfit, especially when paired with a monochrome look. Metallic shorts  or pants help to add contrast against the more solid green crewneck. Lastly, add these crazy glasses to share with friends. 

Juniors: Valentine’s Day:

Add heart-shaped glasses, available in pink, red, and in packs of six, to share with friends.  Heart shaped dangle earrings are on-theme. These heart headbands are a must. A pair of white jeans with a heart patterned top or sweatshirt  pulls the look together. 

Seniors: New Year’s Eve

Pick out a sparkly headband and some New Years’ glasses, or get a pack for friends to show off on google meet. Add a solid black top/sweatshirt and some gold shorts or jeans for a casual flare; alternatively, dress it up with an all-black dress. 

Day 3: Class Cliques

Freshman Theme: Nerds

Glasses are a staple in the all-classic nerd costumes and perfect for virtual festivities. Add a pleated black skirt-or shorts, and a white button up to bring the outfit together. Lastly, suspenders are the perfect finishing touch. Stay minimal on accessories with this simple look. 

Sophomores: Preps

For this day, find a favorite college crewneck and pair it with a pleated skirt or khaki shorts. It’s also a nice touch to wear a collar underneath the sweatshirt, and this one allows you to wear a collar without a full button-down underneath. As for accessories, some good options are headbands, pearl necklaces, and white socks.  

Juniors: Jocks and Cheerleaders

For a cheerleader look, use this costume complete with pom poms. For a jock outfit, add an oversized, vintage jacket and some tube socks. Pair this with sweatpants or blue jeans, and the look is complete.

Seniors: Goth

Goth is characterized by dark colors. To start this look, throw on a pleated skirt and fishnet tights or  black jeans. Use an all-black  long sleeve tee and smudged black eyeliner for makeup.