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Students gathered in the gym during lunch to watch each class perform its generation dance. Seniors stood in the bleachers while chanting their graduating year and cheering on their classmates.

Students Step Into the Past on Generation Day

The gym hummed with excitement as poodle skirts, peace signs, psychedelic prints, and neon spandex flooded the bleachers. Students were transported to generations of times past today as each class represented their decade in lively dance arrangements. Freshmen donned styles and celebrated dancing of the ‘50s, sophomores the ‘60s, juniors the ‘70s, and seniors the ‘80s.

“The anticipation after almost four years to wear those leotards had definitely built up,” dance senior Eliana Mandelblum, a choreographer of the senior dance, said. “When my fellow dance seniors came together in front of our screaming class it was truly spectacular.”

The freshmen kicked off the generation dance tradition with sock hopping and hand jiving to “Grease Lighting.” The sophomores threw it back to the era of the twist and shake with ‘60s ballads that included “Respect” and “My Boyfriend’s Back.” The juniors boogied down to ‘70s hits, such as “Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough” and “Somebody to Love.” And the seniors got physical in their leotards and leg warmers, dancing to favorites like “Take on Me” and songs of such iconic ‘80s flicks as “Dirty Dancing.”

Photo by Natalie Bergeron
Wearing ‘80s workout gear from head to toe, dance senior Natalie Wichelle performed with her classmates in the seniors’ generation dance during lunch. The seniors were the winners of the generation dance competition.

“I have a little bit of stage fright so I thought that performing in front of practically the whole school would be awful, but I actually really enjoyed it because all the students are really supportive,” dance junior Kayla Kummerlen said.

The dances ultimately resulted in triumph for the senior class, with the freshmen coming in second, sophomores in third, and juniors in fourth.

“Being a choreographer for the generation dance was not only an honor for Reché Nelson, Eliana Mandelblum, and I, but it also put us in a position [in which we were] insecure about the choreography, [as] all we wanted for the dancers was to have fun,” dance senior Miranda Caparelli said. “Class of 2015 was our inspiration, since [their dance] was nonstop and full of character. After the dance was over we all knew that we nailed it and it completely met our expectations.”

Out by Freshman Hill, students also came together to chalk sidewalk creations representative of their class themes. The freshmen played it simple with a drawing that displayed their theme “Straight Outta Middle School” in blue, the sophomores chalked an image of aliens in UFOs, the juniors depicted a Roman warrior wearing a gladiator helmet, and the seniors opted to rather chalk an image that coincided with their Generation Day theme of the ‘80s in their drawing of two figures rollerskating on a dance floor. The seniors once again walked away victorious with first place, the juniors with second, the sophomores with third, and the freshmen with fourth.

Current Point Standings:

Freshmen: 15

Sophomores: 20

Juniors: 23

Seniors: 30

Current Ticket Standings:

Freshmen: 258

Sophomores: 413

Juniors: 480

Seniors: 515

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