Just as you suspected, ugly and functional shoes ARE trendy

There is something about ugly shoes that is so glamorous. It could be because nine times out of ten they are just too comfortable to even be considered ugly. Other times they are so ugly that they are cute and the rest of the time they are practical.

Birkenstocks and Nike Roshe Runs are two styles of “ugly” shoes that have become a fashion staple within the past few months. Running shoes just used to be for the gym but now, they are worn at school and around town to polish off a great outfit. Nike’s new sneaker comes in more than a dozen styles and you can also find cool limited editions of this type of sneaker on Etsy. Another upside to the Nike Roshe Runs is that they are transitional; you can go from wherever you are to the gym without having to change shoes (this really is life changing). Roshe’s are easy to throw on with any outfit; they add flare.

Gabi Passos in her Roshe Runs. Paired with plaid pants a silver cross body bag and gray coat.
Erica Maltz
Dance senior Gabi Passos in her Roshe Runs. Paired with plaid pants a silver cross body bag and gray coat.


There is nothing like being able to walk a mile in fashionable shoes without getting a blister or having a foot cramp, this is why Birkenstocks are great. They are made to fit the foot comfortably and give you enough support. These shoes used to be looked upon, as something an older woman or man would wear who we—the younger crowd—thought had no idea what they were wearing. Fast-forward a few years and now the Birkenstock brand has already collaborated with numerous bloggers and fashion companies to create a trendy sandal for the younger generation. I like to think of it as functionality meeting fashion. The sandal comes in different styles and colors (including super cool metallic swatches). If you don’t have a great pedicure going on, it is also acceptable to wear fun colored or patterned socks with your Birkens.

It is obvious I love my rose gold birkens...
Erica Maltz
It is obvious I love my rose gold birkens…


Next time you’re strutting your stuff in your “ugly shoes” you can listen to these songs:




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