Dear Class of 2020,

On Friday, I walked into school unprepared to take my AP Economics test, unaware about the assignment in Leadership Class, and unwilling to edit my senior film project. The unpreparedness, unawareness, and unwillingness to complete my school day was typically shared by every high school student; however, had I known March 13th could have potentially been my last day in high school, my attitude would have changed.

On Friday, I understood there was a potential this could be our last day as high schoolers. I even explained my realization to multiple friends, but I never thought my hyperbolic remark could actually become reality.

I was sitting in fourth period when I heard the impending news about school closures. I know this sounds dramatic, but my heart sank. I felt like the only person who could empathize with the thought of that moment being my last time in high school.

At the forefront of every student’s mind is the potential of not attending this year’s Grad Bash, prom, senior week, and graduation. Of course, those large events hold immeasurable sentiment to me; however, I also worry that there won’t be a chance to say goodbye to my class. There is a possibility that our grade won’t all be together, as a class, knowing it will be the last time we’re with each other.

I wrote to one of my teachers after I got home from school thanking her for the memories we made together. She responded with a message that resonates in my mind: “I don’t want to believe a text message is how we’ll say goodbye. I want tears and hugs!”

She is right: I need that. I hope we go back to school on April 15. I need to hug and cry and laugh and make memories with my classmates one more time before going to college, and I hope we get the chance to do so.

Underclassmen, after reading this message, I hope you cherish EVERY moment in high school and understand everything in your life can change in a second. Class of 2020, regardless of what happens, I love you all and these past four years were special.


Nikolas Zimmerman