Welcome to your tape. It’s a common joke from “13 Reasons Why” during the peak of the show’s popularity, that either received some laughs or criticism. The basic plot line is about a teenage girl, Hannah Baker, who has depression, commits suicide while leaving behind 13 tape cassettes as her reasons why. The show is co-produced by Selena Gomez and the two main actors of the show are Katherine Langford playing Hannah Baker and Dylan Minnette playing Clay Jensen.

Beth Dubber/Netflix

The script writing includes typical cliches along with occasional bad acting, which definitely brings down the significance of the show to the point where you can guess what the character is going to say next. It includes a lot of voiceovers and the majority of the script helps reveal who each character truly is. It’s set in a typical high school, but social media isn’t really involved in this story line like a real life situation would definitely include.


While the show tries to convey important messages about bullying, rumors, sexual assault, suicide, and depression, it seems to have slightly missed the mark. These message make it seem as if suicide is a revenge tactic and that help wouldn’t be given along the way to those who need it. All attempts of trying to show an audience on what they could do to prevent suicide or help someone with depression end up skewing what the reality of these kinds of situations are like. It is a drama-packed show and is understandable to make the scenes play out like this. While there is an available after-show discussing the significance of these message, I highly doubt anyone would willingly watch it. It could be the perfect opportunity to discuss the messages conveyed in class, but it’s highly time consuming.