Fast Food Feud

Taking a Drive thru the Hospital.

Graphic by Lexi Marcellino

Graphic by Lexi Marcellino

Gernise Gregoire and Alexis Pinchuk

When I think about food, the first restaurant that comes to mind is McDonald’s. My love for the greasy fried food and ice cold drinks, goes far into my food induced coma mode. Unfortunately, it wasn’t until I ended up on the fast track to the hospital, that I realized the fries, as savory and salty as they are, are not the best choice for me.

After a full day of creative writing class and an interesting United States history lesson, my stomach began to growl at the thought of food. Sadly, I knew I would have to stay after school for my SAT tutoring, so I would have to somehow satisfy my hunger.

The short drive to my favorite destination was all I could think about as I hopped in my car. I took the initiative to drive to McDonald’s and purchase a delicious Crispy Chicken sandwich and a golden, scrumptious small fry that tasted like heaven.

Just after arriving to my SAT class, a sharp pain ripped through my stomach. The pain felt as if someone had taken a knife and cut through me. I went home and immediately had to go to the nearest hospital due to the constant pain.

When I arrived at St. Mary’s hospital, the doctor soon told me that I ate something that probably had some type of bad bacteria in it, meaning that it was probably expired or left sitting for a very long time. My mind began to race with concerns: bad bacteria? So had someone left my food sitting overnight and just warmed it before giving it to me? Or had someone just not cooked the meat and fries properly? It could have been anything. Luckily, the doctor prescribed antibiotics to help cure the pain.

From that day, I told myself McDonald’s is a health hazard and is not the place for me. Of course, I still need my fill of greasy foods… Chick-Fil-A it is!