[BRIEF] Returning to the Clay

Boys and girls tennis tryouts were held on Jan. 31 and Feb. 2, and both teams have since been selected for the upcoming season

Sheevam Patel, Writer

Pin-point serves sent tennis balls flying as the boys and girls tennis teams took to the clay courts of the Tennis Club of Palm Beach. Tryouts for the boys were held Jan. 31, and tryouts for the girls were held Feb. 2. Coach Martha Warwick sent out the list of both final rosters after tryouts were completed.

“I want to finally accomplish some of the goals I set as a freshman, including finally making past districts,” strings senior and co-captain Juan Guerrero said. “It’s my first year as captain and I’m super excited to lead the team, run practices, and hopefully improve everyone’s technique overall.”

This season, Guerrero seeks to make practice time more efficient. Last year, practices consisted of rallying and matches rather than individual conditioning.

“In the past, practice has never been really structured, so I hope we can start doing drills and work on technique,” Guerrero said. “I want to make (practices) more productive and valuable for people.”

Dreyfoos Boys Tennis Team

  • Ashesh Amatya*
  • Jacob Anuar
  • Andrew Gellen
  • Juan Guerrero*
  • Jayantha Kantamneni
  • Jacob Liu
  • Philip Margolis
  • Matthew Pollak*
  • James Ratchford
  • Samuel Schwartz*
  • Jonathan Tordi
  • Miles Wang

 Dreyfoos Girls Tennis Team

  • Maysen Baxter
  • Julia Effenberger*
  • Betsy Linkhorst
  • Gianna Mendelson*
  • Sandra Nemes*
  • London O’Brien*
  • Sophia Schafler
  • Allie Scharch*
  • Capri Wayne
  • Victoria Xie*

* Returning players