Kicking off the first day of spirit week, students in all grades represented their classes by dressing according to their assigned music genres. Freshmen moseyed down the halls in cowboy boots and flannel shirts, while sophomores strutted in bright techno-pop colors. Juniors paraded in palazzo pants and flower crowns to represent indie music, while seniors traveled back in time to the fashion of the early 2000s.



Photo by Sydney Webb

Lily Moore: visual senior

“[I got my outfit inspiration from] Christina Aguilera, Britney Spears, Lizzie McGuire, and the Olsen twins. I always idolized them when I was little.”

Photo by Sydney Webb

Alessandra Ortoll: vocal freshman

“I got my inspiration from a movie, and also from my cousin. I have some cousins that are kind of western.”

Photo by Sydney Webb

Cameron Martin: vocal freshman

“I kind of just rummaged around in my parents’ closets to [find] anything that resembles country [music]. I got a flannel shirt from my dad and a cowboy hat from my mom. I got most of my inspiration from pictures online or movies that I’ve seen with country things in them.”

Photo by Sydney Webb

Samantha Nickles: band sophomore

“I went on the Dreyfoos [SGA] Pinterest and I saw this shirt; I thought [it was] really cute, so I got this from Forever 21.”

Photo by Sydney Webb

Carlos Trivino: communications junior

“I was inspired last night when I realized I didn’t have an indie outfit. I sent a snap to one of my good friends asking her what the heck I should do. She suggested wearing a beanie, so I got a beanie, and she brought me some glasses, and now I’m here.”