Summer Sports Feature: Swimming


Photo by Alana Gomez

The pool and beach are always a big hit during the summer for students everywhere across the United States. Cool off this 2016 summer with a swim in a neighborhood pool or beach.

The sound of the bell on June 2 marked the last day of the 2015-16 school year. Teachers and students alike rejoiced with the knowledge that they were one step closer to sunnier days. With school coming to an end, many students look forward to their summer activities, vacations, and most importantly, sports. Whether it be a freshman, sophomore, junior, or senior, all types of students can take part and enjoy in the greatest summer sport of all: swimming.

Following a long ten-month school year, summer is a highly anticipated time for leisure and relaxation. During two months of no AP’s, tests, or classes, students can step back from the desk and settle down into the sand. Lines of coasts and warm oceans provide a nice break from the heat and humidity that characterize a South Florida summer. The increase in degrees on the thermostat makes it easy for even people who don’t regularly enjoy the water to put off their dispositions and take a swim.

For those who are not “beach people,” swimming can also be done in many public places such as community pools, or in the more private area of a friends backyard.  Whether private or public, the sport of swimming is something that fans of summer everywhere cherish because of its easy access and simple fun. A time with friends and pool games such as Marco Polo or sharks and minnows are a surefire way to an awesome summer.

Swimming is a sport people of all ages can find enjoyable. With the amount of swimming teenagers and adults do during the school break, it is obvious that sunscreen, water, and friends are the perfect way to kickoff the 2016 summer.