Game Day Introduces Friendly Competition to BSU Spirit Week

BSU encouraged socialization with games such as Jenga, Uno, and Limbo to ensure high spirits among members


Caitlin Villacrusis

Crouching under the pole, visual sophomore Taniyah Aris participates in a game of Limbo in the media center during lunch on Feb. 8. Black Student Union (BSU) held a Game Day for the third day of BSU Spirit Week; it was meant to promote unity and allow students to play games that are iconic within the Black community. “It’s really enjoyable because I get to play games, listen to music, and talk to my friends that I don’t even have the time to talk to at school,” Aris said.

Ellie Symons , Writer

Bending their backs to get under a Limbo pole, shouting at board games around tables, and dancing to RNB and pop hits, Black Student Union members and other students celebrated the third day of BSU Spirit Week with Game Day. The event took place in the Media Center during lunch on Wednesday, Feb. 8, and it allowed members of BSU to build bonds with each other and celebrate their culture. 

School counselor Rachelle Francois-Nicholas dances to music at BSU’s Game Day.
(Caitlin Villacrusis )

“I like how all of us come together,” strings sophomore Christian Onyewumbu said. “I get to see everybody smiling. Everybody’s playing games. Everybody’s happy. It’s like when you’re with your Black family, and you’re outside on the lawn cooking it up.”

“I really am loving all the energy that everyone’s giving out today,” BSU co-historian and communications junior Faustina Duvigneaud said. “Plus, I’m about to go play some games and hopefully win, so I’m really having fun.”

Attempting to pull out a block, band junior Amedstone Plaisir tries to not knock over the Jenga tower. “My favorite part of today was learning how to play dominos,” Plasir said. “Playing these lighthearted games is just really fun and a good pastime.”
(Caitlin Villacrusis )

“This is fun for me because of the energy everyone brings and their excitement, especially playing these little board games with their competitive spirit,” band junior Amedstone Plaisir said. 

“My favorite part (of Game Day) is being able to hang out with all these beautiful people and have fun with all of them,” vocal freshman Daniel Jones said. “We get to honor all the Black people and have fun and be ourselves.”

Vocal freshman Daniel Jones dances alongside his peers to the song “Wobble” by V.I.C. “We got music, we got games, (and) we’re just having fun and playing around,” Jones said. “It’s good.”
(Caitlin Villacrusis )

“My favorite part of today was the Limbo,” visual sophomore Taniyah Aris said. “That was a lot of fun. We were getting hyped up and listening to music and trying to pass a Limbo line.”

“Today’s important in the sense that we can come together and have unity,” Aris said. “Honestly, we don’t get this much of a chance to have fun during school, so when we do get a chance to unite and do all the things we want to, it’s great.”

“I think the meaning of today is to get people together and have fun, be yourself, and to enjoy being Black,” theatre freshman Kevontay Oliver said.

After losing in Limbo, communications senior James McIntyre requests for his peers to drag him away.
(Caitlin Villacrusis )