2020 Holiday Gift Guide Sustainable Self-Care Edition:

As the holiday season approaches, the stressful and chaotic year of 2020 ultimately comes to a close. This December, The Muse compiled a list of eco-friendly self care essentials to give (or put on your wishlist) in celebration.

1. Face Mask

No, this isn’t the typical N-95 you’re used to seeing on a daily basis. Face masks are fun and easy additions to skincare routines, and they make an affordable holiday gift.

2. Soap

Soap has always been a necessity, now more than ever. Scented and handmade soaps are unique and practical presents to give and receive this winter.

3. Journal

Journaling is a great reminder that life is worth recording. Even in times of a pandemic, it is important to document your thoughts and experiences to reflect upon in the future.

4. Slippers

What better way to relax and stay cozy this season than with fuzzy slippers on your feet? These shoes are practical during the cold season, and can be given or received to any gender, at any age.

5. Pillows

Pillow and bedding gifts are becoming more and more popular at times when we are obligated to stay home and binge Netflix all day. This essential and comfortable item is a great way to represent your kindness and friendship.

6. Candy

Candy is a sweet and lovable gift to anyone. With a variety of options, you cannot go wrong with this sugary treat.

7. Candle

A scented candle can improve well-being and uplift your mood. With endless holiday scents, bring back nostalgic memories by giving this gift or putting it on your wishlist.

8. Water bottle

Water bottles are inexpensive and easy gifts to give, while also being a friendly reminder to stay healthy and happy this holiday season.

9. Yoga Mat

The art of yoga helps improve mental health. Yoga helps practice self-discipline and relaxation, which is much needed after this long year.