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Alexander W. Dreyfoos School of the Arts | 501 S. Sapodilla Ave, WPB, FL 33401


Anthem of the QuaranTEENS

Allison Robbert

After COVID-19 was declared a pandemic by the WHO on March 11, the world changed indelibly. From a statewide quarantine that has lasted over a month, to shortages of eggs and fresh chicken, the grocery store has trumped the beach as the prime hangout spot. In the midst of coronavirus madness, many have turned to music as a source of stability. For moments when the world becomes too quiet, The Muse has prepared a playlist of anthems for the quaranTEENS. 




Billie Eilish

Six feet apart from each other has become the norm. Although this is a relatively small distance, this empty space brings with it a sense of missing connection. Perfect for when you are in-your-feels or missing physical contact from friends, Eilish captures the essence of remembering someone’s love, even if she might lose herself in the process. 

The Lumineers

This is not a suggestion that one should sleep on the floor, but a similarly exaggerated activity could provide relief from the boredom of staying indoors. The Lumineers create a longing feeling for the life before COVID-19especially with summer around the cornerwhere there’s no thinking twice before dropping everything to go on an adventure. 

Cage The Elephant

It is safe to say that many of us might find the need for some social cues coming out of quarantine. Online school, albeit a consistent interaction of people throughout the week, lacks the proper practice of human-to-human interaction. As lead singer Matt Shultz says, “Tell me when it’s over.”

Lana Del Rey

Perhaps the dusty remote controllers left behind in favor of spending time outdoors should be picked up again. Games with multiple servers onlinesuch Nintendo’s trending “Animal Crossingare able to connect friends and neighbors from across the country, in one digital space. This song is a beautifully piano-heavy tune that reminds us all of a classic way to pass the days.

Cigarettes After Sex

It sure does feel like the apocalypse. Listening to this song with earbuds could be fitting for strolling down an empty street, or sitting in a car that has nowhere to drive to. When feeling low, Apocalypse promises to be there for us, a reminder that none of us are truly alone. 


This song belongs to every person who has cut or dyed their hair during this break. Although everything may go wrongand it certainly feels like that with summer plans getting canceledthis throwback alternative rock song provides a sense of comfort for those feeling a little down.

The Killers

This is a reminder to stay cautious during the COVID-19 pandemic. Although you may feel frustrated at the virus’s unpredictability, personal safety should always be regarded as the top priority. Check out The Muse for updates and tips on preventing the spread of this virus. 

Young the Giant

The lyrics are right: “Life is too short to even care at all.” If anything, the Coronavirus is a reminder to cherish life’s moments, as you never know when things will change. While we are waiting for things to return to normalcyor at least some version of ittake care of your throat if it’s getting itchy … with some cough syrup?


Socializing these days … even the oldie bands knew what today’s trends would be! Facetime, Houseparty, and even mobile callsif you have a house phone, all the betterare effective forms of staying in touch while housebound. 

The Cure

The album name is “Head on the Door,” and frustrations can amount to this type of behavior quickly. Time (a construct that doesn’t bind us as tightly as it did before quarantine) is slipping away. Listen to this song with your parents for a jam session en route to the grocery store. 

Foster The People

Sit next to us? We wish! While this isn’t possible now, sitting next to each other on Zoom for a lunch chat is the next best thing. This song is great for dancing while baking out of boredomupbeat and groovy. 


This song captures the entire mood of this playlist. Upon examining the music video, lovelytheband creates a nice, socially separated barricade from the rest of the street. Loneliness will be traded for love and friends and good times any day! 

Vampire Weekend

The world can be a cold, cold, cold place to be in right now, but the sound of this song makes summer seem a little more attainable. The collection of instruments in this song seems almost like VIP tickets to the next orchestra concert, jumpy and light. 


Sending an SOS message from all of us inside of our houses for over a month! This song is a throwback to bell bottom jeans and the Dancing Queen in all of us. If there is nothing else to do after reaching the end of this playlist, watch Mamma Mia, a musical-movie collection of ABBA’s best songs.

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