Adam Goldstick

The swim team practices at Gaines Park in Warren Hawkins Aquatic Center. They train hard for upcoming districts. “We practice being able to pace ourselves by doing a lot of cardio and endurance training,” visual sophomore Julie Akdag said.

As the swim season comes to an end, four team members recap their experience and acknowledge their hard work in the pool. Visual sophomore Julie Akdag—along with vocal sophomores Ava Neary, Cameron Martin, and Lily Critchett—reflected on this past season.    

Q: How did the swim team adjust to the new season? 

A: Starting off the year, our team wasn’t up to our usual level because it [had] been so long since we had last swam. It was a lot of practice, but we adjusted well and grew as individual swimmers and as a team. We’ve been pretty successful, and the team is very excited for districts. —Akdag

Q: What was the preparation like for districts? 

A: To prepare for districts, we have been working on our times, technique, and form. This season, Coach [Nathan] Hesse really cracked down on being at practice, so we really improved. I think the practices really paid off, and I’m excited to see how districts go. —Neary

Q: How do you think the swim team has grown over the past season?

A: Every day, Coach Hesse would have us swim a 200-meter warm-up, followed by rigorous sets and drills to better our technique and speed. I’m really proud of our team and grateful for how much Coach Hesse has helped us improve this season. Our endurance is much better, and that is a very important skill. —Martin

Q: Compared to last season, what specific training has the team worked on to improve?

A: Last year, we rarely worked on our flip turns and butterfly, but this year we devoted whole practices to those skills. We’ve also done longer sets and drills and were very prepared for our meets this season. —Critchett