With Hanukkah’s candles all burnt and Christmas presents being wrapped, the holidays are in full swing. Classrooms are decorated, ugly sweaters are appearing, and jingle bells echo through the halls. Even though this time of the year can be jolly, sometimes gift giving can get stressful. Between your school and sports friends, family members, and Secret Santas, expenses can start adding up—not to mention the trouble finding the perfect gift. Below are eight different gift ideas that will keep your wallet happy while still pleasing your loved ones.



Music is a necessity. Even so, people lose earbuds on the daily. A gift of over-the-ear headphones can be much more substantial. Speakers can also be a fun choice, and surprisingly, they’re not all expensive. Just pop on over to Walmart or look one up on Amazon; they usually cost $15–25.



This is a great option for a new friend or partner. Even if you don’t know someone very well, everybody can appreciate a holiday candle. The nostalgic scents of pine and hot chocolate are an effective way to get in the holiday spirit. This gift is universal, making anyone smile.


Soft, Fuzzy Blankets

Blankets are another less personalized gift and are great for a new person in your life. They are comfortable, affordable, and perfect for those chilly days spent snuggled up by the fireplace.


Phone Cases

For a more individualized option, phone cases can be useful and appealing. With their individual styles and protective capabilities, your giftee will love them.  While some can be expensive, affordable but still high quality cases can be found online. The great thing about this gift is that you don’t need any information other than the type of phone. Being simple, cute, and cheap is what makes this gift superb.


Reusable Water Bottles

By giving someone a reusable water bottle, you’re not only gifting a handy necessity, but you’re also helping the environment. Pick up a Swell bottle for a trendy design that anybody would love. Along with being environmentally friendly, this is not gender specific, so it would be great for anybody.


Skincare Products

Introduce your friends to a new skincare routine by getting them some beauty products from your favorite brands. Lush, Mario Badescu, and Neutrogena are some great, cheap options. Face masks are always a great way to relax and hydrate your skin, making this gift fun for everyone. By arranging a little gift bag of spa activities, your giftee will be able to kick back during this festive season.


Fuzzy Aloe Socks

Although holiday socks may be a common gift, you can upgrade them by getting your Secret Santa fuzzy aloe socks. These socks are cute, moisturizing, and inexpensively sold at Walmart. They also have designs on them that can complete any chilly day outfit.



If you know someone a little bit better, beanies can be a more creative gift option. They are stylish and trendy, not to mention one size fits all, so you don’t have to worry about sizes. Just pick a color, and you’re done.