[BRIEF] Girls and Boys Soccer Teams Score Back to Back Victories

The girls soccer team maintained their winning streak, and the boys earned their first win of the season


Aiden Velez

Lining up his shot, visual junior Justin Olive-Blanco kicks the ball back into the game after it was sent out of bounds. Olive-Blanco blocked all of Twin Lakes’ shots, despite serving as a substitute goalie after the starting goalie was injured during the previous game.


As the ball crossed the goal line, through the hands of the awaiting goalie, the boys soccer team knew that their drought was over. After the first half of their season yielded no victories, Wednesday night’s soccer game against Palm Beach Lakes Community High School reinvigorated team members such as defender and band sophomore Roodley Blaise.

“You know, it felt really reassuring that we could finally close a game out on top,” Blaise said. “The entire season has kind of felt like a string of disappointments but to finally have a win under our belt feels like a step in the right direction.”

Dribbling the ball down the field, vocal senior and forward Matthew Stenberg runs toward the opposing goal. Stenberg scored two of the five goals of the night. (Aiden Velez)

The game ended with a score of 5-0. The goals scored are listed below:

  • Forward and vocal senior Matthew Stenberg (2 goals)
  • Midfielder and vocal junior James Robinson (1 goal)
  • Midfielder and visual senior Julian Leyva (1 goal)
  • Forward and strings senior Zach Biava (1 goal)

The boys team was not the only winner that night.

Blocking a Twin Lakes player, communications freshman Ava Rivera maneuvers herself to kick the ball. The girls soccer team won their match 7 – 0, continuing a winning streak. . (Aiden Velez)

So far this season, the girls soccer team has won the majority of their games by wide margins. They continued this pattern with a 7-0 victory over Palm Beach Lakes Community High School on Jan. 4. Below are the girls’ goals:

  • Midfielder and theatre senior Vaniola Garnier (1 goal)
  • Centerback and visual senior Amalia Holman (1 goal)
  • Midfielder and strings senior Valerie Zuluaga (1 goal)
  • Forward and visual freshman Gianna La Mattina (2 goals)
  • Forward and communications freshman Ollie Tobin (1 goal)
  • A Palm Beach Lakes Community High School self goal

Both teams will be playing Glades Central Community High School at 7:30 p.m. on Jan. 11.