Melania and Barron vs. the World


Graphic by Chloe Girod

When we open our social media apps, there’s a substantial chance that the first thing we see is Donald Trump – or something related to Trump. From sites like Instagram, to Twitter, to places we can argue with those crazy relatives of ours (Facebook), there is controversy relating to both the man and his family. While some people choose to focus their anger about his policies or his persona on to the man himself, the approach that many others have taken is much more erratic: attacking his family.

Recently many social media users have taken it upon themselves to criticize Trump in this new way. When people were angered over his immigration policies, the first thing they did was target his immediate family: Melania and Barron Trump. It is intriguing that the very people that say they disagree with Trump’s hate are the ones that direct all of their hate to get their points across as well.

Even celebrities have begun to take part in this. Chelsea Handler has repeatedly insulted Melania Trump saying that she can “barely speak English.” Overall, Handler’s comments, and others like them (such as Rosie O’Donnell claiming that Barron Trump was autistic), are detrimental to the attacker’s victims and do not have to do with the issue at hand. When people are exposed to this on such a large scale, it starts to seem like it is acceptable, but in reality, whether a person disagrees with policies or not, attacking a child on a social-media platform is not ok.

The argument to justify this has been that Malia and Sasha Obama have also been tormented, so it evens out. Unfortunately this logic completely caves in on itself. These people are essentially trying to right a wrong by being more wrong.

Another trend that has been taking place is insulting Melania’s appearance, which, once again, is completely contradictory to the ideals that those opposing Trump supposedly have. Melania has been called an “elite escort,” by Daily Mail. Unfortunately, this does not accomplish their goal: to defame Donald Trump. What it actually does is send the message that it not only is acceptable to shame women for merely existing, but also is acceptable to make heinous and false statements about some of the most influential people in the United States.

Essentially what we need to realize is that regardless of political affiliation, attacking people needlessly only makes those who are attacking lose any credibility they may have possessed.