[BRIEF] School Counselors Celebrated during Appreciation Week

For all of their contributions to the school, students and staff honored the Dreyfoos counseling staff


Aiden Velez

Post it notes plaster the wall in Mrs. Chambers office, each one voicing a special message from a student, teacher, or administrator.

Aidan Smith, Writer

All week long, the school celebrated and congratulated the counseling staff on campus for their work in helping students succeed. Administrators, teachers, and students all came together to show their appreciation through a variety of activities, gifts, and posted messages. 

The counseling staff consists of the following:

  • Mrs. Middleton: Director of Guidance, Grades 10-12 Piano, Strings, Band
  • Mr. Carson: Grades 10-12 Visual, Digital 
  • Mrs. Ramona Lanning Chambers: Grades 10-12 Vocal, Theatre
  • Mrs. Rachelle Nicholas: Grades 10-12 Communications, Dance
  • Ms. Laura Tomasello: Grade 9
  • Mrs. Teneisha Finney: Curriculum Assistant Principal
  • Ms. Becca Mroczkowski: Behavioral Health Professional 
  • Mrs. Georgia Mounce: Choice Coordinator

Throughout Counselor Appreciation Week, running from Feb. 6 to Feb. 10, students and teachers showed their appreciation for the counseling staff by sharing a special message on the morning announcements, treating them to an ice cream sundae bar, expressing their gratitude through handwritten notes, and delivering them Crumbl Cookies.

“I feel very loved and appreciated, but we often do, and that’s what sets (Dreyfoos students) apart from other students. I think that you guys really do show appreciation all the time,” Mrs. Chambers said. “You’re (students are) very vocal, you know, you always say thank you, and you definitely make us feel appreciated all the time, and that’s really special.”