[BRIEF] The Final Showcase

Visual and digital seniors celebrated their work in their last school showcase on Thursday, March 30.

Yelaine Aguilar, Website Staffer

Students, parents, and teachers walked through the doors of Building 9 to view pieces in the Vigital Senior Showcase. The pieces were a representation of the visual and digital seniors’ years on campus.

“This is where the seniors really get to shine because it’s just the senior class showing off their work,” visual senior Giovanna Romano said. “It is our big finale in the art world of high school.”

Students and parents were served fruits, cookies, and sparkling water as they walked through the galleries in Building 9 and Building 2. The show lasted from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m., allowing students to answer questions about their pieces. The seniors’ pieces will be displayed until the last week of April.