[BRIEF] All Out, All Game, All Season


Caitlin Villacrusis

Students and parents sigh as the ball hits the net. They reacted with the same passion throughout the game against Lake Worth Christian School on Feb. 28.

Natalie Ryder, Photo Staffer

Filling the gym with stomping feet and chants, students gathered on the bleachers to cheer on the boys volleyball team in their game against Lake Worth Christian on Monday, Feb. 28. This is both the school’s first boys volleyball team and the team’s first game of the season.

“It was a very good turnout,” said piano junior Sahil Bhandary, who watched Monday’s game. “We were all really loud. We started chants. We were stomping on the bleaches and people had signs.”

The team played four sets during the game. Lake Worth Christian won the first set 25-23 and the second set 25-20. However, Dreyfoos players won the third set with a score of 25-23. To clinch the win, Lake Worth Christian won 25-21 in the fourth set.

“There were a lot of really close points and the crowd was way more engaging than most other sports,” piano junior Joshua Lumaban said.

Despite the loss, students chanted “Let’s go Dreyfoos” and “Dreyfoos magic” to cheer on the team. After the game, spectators and the boys volleyball team even came together to sing “Happy Birthday” to outside hitter and vocal junior Matthew Stenberg.

Visual junior and middle blocker Ryan Schlosbon hits an incoming spike, “anticipating” for the ball to be “tipped” down by his teammates, allowing a clean hit. “I wanted to be ready for that,” Schlosbon said. “I was just waiting for that moment.” (Caitlin Villacrusis)