[BRIEF] Pulsera Project “Colors the World”

Spanish students and SHS sell hand-woven bracelets for the Pulsera Project from Feb. 22 to March 4

Daisy Li, Writer

Spanish teacher Lori Brown’s Spanish classes and the Spanish Honor Society (SHS) initiated the Pulsera Project, a hand-woven bracelet fundraiser working to provide education to and financially empower Guatemalan and Nicaraguan artisans. 

“The whole point of the Pulsera Project is so you’re employing those people in those countries and sustaining them through buying their bracelets,” strings senior and SHS president Natalia Sanchez said. “Selling the bracelets at schools promotes awareness and an appreciation of Spanish culture.”

“Pulsera” translates to “bracelet” from Spanish. Each of these “pulseras” are handmade by Central American artisans, who will receive all the proceeds from the project. The Pulsera Project encapsulates its origin story and objectives through the short film, “Color the World.”  They can be purchased for $10 in Ms. Brown’s room (1-118) or the cafeteria until Friday, March 4.

“At school, we need to represent our core beliefs, like giving back to the community,” band sophomore Annie Abraham said. “It shows how our students really do care about our community and people who are less fortunate than us.”