[BRIEF] Raising Spirits and Making Money

The junior class council offers treats to auditionees

Alex Pham, Website Editor

Standing behind a table covered in boxes of candy, snacks, and pizza, communications junior and junior class president Julia Smerling remembered when she was among the students waiting in the cafeteria for their audition. Smerling smiled as she recounted the excitement on the students’ faces. 

“The best part was getting to talk to the kids auditioning and how they felt about going into their auditions,” Smerling said. “It was so heartwarming to hear them talk about their passions and their dedication to their art.”

The junior class council opened volunteer opportunities to juniors selling snacks to auditionees and their parents. Some, like Smerling, hoped to “bring some comfort to those auditioning” with an assortment of candies, chips, and drinks. The money earned went toward the prom fundraiser for their class. Snack sales will continue through the rest of January on scheduled audition days.