[BRIEF] Student Journalists Unite at Journalism Honor Society Meeting

Quill and Scroll held a general meeting to discuss the importance of student journalism and review membership protocol


Yelaine Aguilar

Quill and Scroll members turn towards the board as communications senior Willow Hackett presents the various event opportunities the honor society will host.

Quill and Scroll, also known as the Journalism Honor Society, had their first general meeting during lunch on Tuesday, Dec. 14. This meeting went over chapter bylaws, requirements for the honor society, and event opportunities. 

Communications seniors Shreya Srinivasan, Willow Hacket, and Caroline Murray shared their ideas for potential events and asked if members had any ideas. Throughout the meeting, they reiterated the honor society’s mission to end the censorship of student journalism.

“I feel that everybody, all three publications, can be more closely intertwined,” communications senior Benji Gans said. “Every publication has their own purpose, but every publication (shares) the responsibility of showcasing what’s going on around our school.”

 Quill and Scroll involves Dreyfoos’ four student-produced journalism outlets: The Muse, Seeds, DSOA Today, and The Marquee. Together, students are also planning to spread their passion for journalism to younger generations.

“I’m really excited because I’m in yearbook, and I was not involved in middle school, but I wish that I was,” communications senior Kaylie Martling said. “It will be exciting to go to middle schools and talk about why I love yearbook and the power of journalism, especially in schools and in communities.”