Shelby Rabin

Dance junior Fiona Campanella and communications senior Gabby Moragues introduce their chapter of The A21 Campaign for the first time during Club Rush on Sept 12 in the gym. “A21 is about stopping human trafficking worldwide,” Moragues said. “We try to spread information and do what we can to resolve the issue.”

For the various veteran organizations of Dreyfoos—SGA, Black Student Union, A.R.T.S. Club, and many more—Club Rush is a familiar sight. Though the often overwhelming swarms of students, short time frame, and the crowded gym is routine for older clubs, a batch of new organizations faced the school for the first time on Sept. 12 in the gym during lunch.

Various students sought to create a more socially conscious environment at Dreyfoos through new clubs. Co-presidents communications senior Gabby Moragues and digital media senior Sofia Campanella introduced a chapter of The A21 Campaign, which helps to raise awareness of and prevent human trafficking.

“We wanted to create something that would help our community,” Moragues said. “We help donate to women’s shelters and raise money as well.”

Along with more politically oriented clubs, several students formed new organizations in order to create something meaningful out of their personal hobbies and passions. Communications junior Cassie Glover turned her love of reading into Book Club, where people could discuss literature in a supportive setting.

Shelby Rabin
Book Club founder and communications junior Cassie Glover distributes hand-painted bookmarks to interested students. “Books are just an amazing way to escape when things get rough,” Glover said. She hopes that her club can be a stress reliever for students.

“I find that books are comforting,” Glover said, “especially in such a stressful environment like Dreyfoos.”

Whether clubs are started by students looking to create social change within their community, or by students looking to spread their enthusiasm for a particular activity, these and other new clubs stand to impact the environment of Dreyfoos.

“[Clubs are] a great way to pause our busy lives,” Glover said. “There’s just something so nice about a group of people getting together.”