Photo by Haley Johnston

Students receive edible handouts from SGA and Class Council around the cafeteria during lunch. Throughout the week, candidates passed out a multitude of treats in order to entice voters.

After two weeks of vivid posters strewn across campus, stickers stuck on every possible flat surface, and seemingly endless amounts of donuts, Dreyfoos elections have come to close. Whether they were contributing to the frenzy of goodies, circulating campus while appealing to voters, or consuming as many edible handouts as possible, candidates and constituents alike felt the impacts of voting week.

Following the removal of all campaign materials in the cafeteria and around campus, the winners were announced during fourth period. Beginning with the Class of 2019 and ending with SGA, the list included a diverse range of grade levels and majors.


Class of 2019:

Senior Representative – Taryn Reagan

Treasurer – Lillian Heran

Recording Secretary – Elizabeth White

Corresponding Secretary – Lillian Randolph

Vice Presidents – Carlene Powers & Mia Evans

Presidents – Carissa August & Catalina Correa


Class of 2020:

Historian – Mia Marquez

Treasurer – Raymond “Mitch” Faloona

Recording Secretary – Kaila Cohen

Corresponding Secretary – Miriam Colvin

Vice Presidents – Kyle Ahern & Salma Kiuhan

Presidents – Mara Vaknin & Nikolas Zimmerman


Class of 2021:

Sophomore Representative – Hope Sears

Historian – Brynna Hanley

Treasurer – Asher Moss

Recording Secretary – Grace Handel

Corresponding Secretary – Rachel Dippolito

Vice Presidents – Thomas “Trace” Baxley

Presidents – Nirmit Chandan & Ben Gao



Historians – Sofia Campanella & Shelby Rabin

Recording Secretaries – Alexandria Podder & Faith Tirtarahardja

Corresponding Secretaries – Sebastian Fernandez & Katherine McNamara

Treasurers- Lizzie Kircher & Michael Bole

Vice Presidents – Sophia Pregadio & Kristina Ronan

Presidents – Annemarie Gerlach & Armin Khoshbin