The Science of Senioritis:

For many seniors graduating in the coming months, senioritisthe universal indifference toward school work felt after 12 years spent in the classroomis seen as a rite of passage. However, senioritis may be more than just an educational experience. Several studies have sought to explain the reasons behind the seasonal slacking.

One possible cause is explained in the Drive Reduction Theory, which argues that a lack of reward leads to a lack of motivation. This may ring true for many seniors who have already been accepted to colleges. Another mental phenomenon that can help explain senioritis is the Cognitive Appraisal Theory. For instance, a student who had studied hard for a test but received a poor grade anyway may feel sadness and anger, thus linking the act of studying with unhappiness. These appraisals may subconsciously prevent that student from studying again in the future, which can lead to a widespread rejection of school work by the second semester of senior year.

In order to stay motivated, however, there are several things students can do to keep their senioritis in check.

“The best thing a student can do is remember the big picture,” school counselor Mark Carson said. “Remember that you still have to complete your classes to get the credits to graduate. It’s important to just try and stay focused.”


Source: “Psychology: An Introduction by Russell A. Dewey, PhD”




SGA and Class Council Elections:

Starting on April 16, Dreyfoos students will vote for their Student Government Association and Class Council representatives. Students looking to run for the positions of president, vice president, recording secretary, corresponding secretary, treasurer, historian, or class representative must have at least a 2.5 GPA and cannot simultaneously be an officer for National Honor Society. Students may begin campaigning as soon as they complete and turn in the intent-to-run form, which includes an essay, as well as teacher and parent approval. Some students decide to campaign with posters and messages broadcasted on the announcements.

SGA Sponsor and social studies teacher Wendy Zietz recommends students who are good communicators and well-motivated to run for SGA and Class Council. “There’s a lot of things that go on behind the scenes of Fall Festival and Spirit Week,” Ms. Zietz said. “So, we need students who are hard workers.”

Online voting officially starts on April 23 and ends on April 26, which is when all campaign material must be removed from the school. The winners are announced the next day.



Dreyfoos Teacher is a Finalist for the Dwyer Award

Math teacher Craig Adams has been selected as a finalist for the Dwyer Awards, after being evaluated by a board of community leaders. The Dwyer Awards is a program sponsored by the Education Foundation of Palm Beach County to honor exemplary educators in their teaching fields In 2016, the program added a sixth category: Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathor STEM. “It would be a great honor for me if I won, since this is only my sixth year teaching and fourth year at Dreyfoos. It would be great for the faculty to see that I’m worthy of being nominated,” Mr. Adams said. “Having these important business leaders believe I’m good at what I do is amazing.”

Mr. Adams will attend the awards ceremony hosted by the Education Foundation on May 8.



Music Students Perform Hits at Pops Concert

Throughout most of the school year, band and vocal students work perform as classical musicians. However, at the annual Pops Concert, hosted in Meyer Hall on April 11, select students were chosen to perform popular music from famous movies. Groups ranging in size from small ensembles to entire orchestras presented songs from Disney movies, musicals, and more.

“It’s less of a formal concert and more of an event where folks get to come and have fun and tap their foot and listen to songs they know and love,” band junior Aidan Dixon said. “This music will help take people back, and it’s a truly fun concert setting.”