The Start of Voting SGA and Class Council

Elections have begun at Dreyfoos, and although the vast majority of students do not run for positions, elections affect everyone. Students routinely bring in baked goods and other items such as stickers and posters.

“I feel like the amount of baked goods being handed out is exceptional,” sophomore band major Grant Conley. “Maybe I won’t vote for these people, but they do make good cookies.”

Candidates bringing in food is, however, a controversial topic, with some people thinking that this is an unfair advantage for people running to have.

Other people, however, enjoy election season solely because of the food and other items that get handed out.

“We had munchkins, a cotton candy machine, stickers, and posters. I do think money plays a role in it, but I feel like the biggest part of it is talking to people rather than just giving them food. They need an understanding of who you are as a person,” visual arts sophomore Samantha Stern said. Stern is running for the position of junior co-president.

SGA and student council have very different responsibilities, but elections take place all at once. SGA usually takes on bigger projects, whereas class counsel deals with projects in each, individual grade level, such as choosing pep rally themes.

Elections are being conducted through a website that is accessible through edline. Elections tend to consume the student body’s attention for the weeks that they go on, even though the actual process of selecting your choice of candidates takes only a moment.