Spanish Honors Society Induction

The Spanish Honor Society inducted 66 new members Wednesday, April 5. According to foreign language teacher Lorie Brown, this was the club’s largest ever number of inductees. Predominantly sophomores filled up the seats toward the middle, with proud parents sitting in the back and seniors in the front.

Foreign language dean Barbara Smith spoke briefly in Spanish about what the clubs objectives are, explaining that the Dreyfoos chapter of the club is called “Jose Limon.” She continued to say that the Spanish Honor Society goes to a school and does arts and crafts with spanish speaking four year olds.

Communications senior Matthew Nadel also spoke about his experience as a part of National Spanish Honor Society. While in the honor society, Nadel entered a competition and won by writing an essay entirely in Spanish about the blend of arts and politics in Ecuador, his prize was a trip to Ecuador.

“My experience in Ecuador was characterized by connection. Not only did I form profound connections with the other 24 students – a group bound together by a love of language. I was also able to converse with Ecuadorian street vendors, order in Ecuadorian restaurants, and generally subsist in Ecuadorean life due to the Spanish language,” Nadel said. “Spanish connected me to a country, a part of a culture, that would otherwise have been totally inaccessible.”

Theatre junior Sidney Rubinowitz spoke about her time in the club, as she has gone to nearly every event that National Spanish Honor Society held. She smiled, talking about how the connections she made with the kids were unforgettable, because not only could she practice her Spanish with them, they could practice their english with her.

The following event was seniors telling the crowd what college they would attend. Parents listened intently as students said the names of their colleges.

At the induction, new members were given candles, and lit them from a flame held by a senior. Students lined up holding their candles, and as a pledge was said, all of the candles were blown out. From there, students walked to Senora Smith to give back their candles and receive their certificates. Once students had their certificates Ms. Brown gave students a badge that said National Spanish Honor Society.

The ceremony was finished and a small banquet began. All of the new members got to mingle in the media center.