Dreyfoos in White


Photo by Ruby Rosenthal

Attendees crowd the dance floor of the 2016 Dreyfoos in White fundraiser dinner event that took place on Nov. 12.

Within two hours of knowing the secret location, white tables and chairs were set up, musicians and entertainment were at the ready to play, and people shuffled in wearing white bath robes, togas, and even Star Wars themed costumes. This was Dreyfoos in White.

“Our neighbor, and great grand Angie, told us about [Dreyfoos in White] and it looked very exciting. It is also a fundraiser to help [Dreyfoos], and anything to help the school,” Katherine Greg, a friend of communications dean Angela Anyzeski said.

This year, Dreyfoos in White took place on Nov. 12 and was located at the Norton Gallery Park. It featured themed tables and performances by Dreyfoos students.

“[Magnet Coordinator Patrick Marshall approached us about The Collective performing] and at first I thought I was in trouble,” strings junior Allen Cadet-Civil said. “He called my name and I was like, oh, what did I do this time? Mr. Marshall said he liked the stuff we have done during lunch, and wanted us to play for the event.”

The event was hosted by the Dreyfoos School of the Arts Foundation. All guests brought their own meals, and were welcome to socialize and meet new people.

“It is a perfect venue, I think the place they choose was a great idea, it is close enough to downtown, it has the lawn, and it is perfect,” Mrs. Anyzeski’s husband, David Anyzeski, said.

All of the funds raised through Dreyfoos in White helps support educational programs that would otherwise not be funded, according to the School of the Arts Foundation website. Last year, Dreyfoos in White helped to provide the $1.3 million that went to supporting the school.

“I love Dreyfoos and I have done a lot for this school. There is probably a lot more I can do, so definitely I would go to Dreyfoos in White [in the future] for the fundraising part,” digital junior Isaac Acosta said. “I would also go to see how the school [is] after college, [and] after graduation. As long as there is a Dreyfoos in White, I will be there.”