Though it’s unusual to begin teaching halfway through the school year, social studies teacher David Pardo has stepped up to the plate. After the first semester, social studies teachers Thomas West retired, and Andrea Caceres left for a career at the Federal Reserve System, an opportunity which can be read about in Issue Two. both classes were left without teachers. Filling the gap, Mr. Pardo began teaching AP Government, Honors US Government, and Honors World History classes this semester, adding a new face to the social studies department.


Q: What past experiences have you had in the education field?

A: Last semester, I taught world history to freshmen at Suncoast [Community High School].


Q: How has education changed since you were a high school student?

A: Well, the basics are the same. Pay attention, do the work, and study hard. But I’m still undecided about whether the benefits of all the new technology outweigh the distraction from it.

Q: Describe what it’s like to start teaching halfway through the school year.

A: Thankfully, three of my classes are starting a fresh semester course with me. The other two classes, I have some pretty large shoes to fill by taking over for Ms. Caceres.


Q: How have the students received you at Dreyfoos?

A: I’ve been humbled by the reception from my students. On my first day, after my very first class, one particular student made a point of coming up to me and welcoming me, and it’s a moment I will never forget. It was an incredibly thoughtful and kind act. I’m grateful to her and for all of the other students who have been so encouraging.


Q: What are you looking forward to most at Dreyfoos?

A: Seeing my students perform outside of the classroom.  


Q: What do you find unique about Dreyfoos and what your job requires of you?

A: I’m lucky to be dealing with high performing, academically engaged students, and my only hope is that I can assist my students in achieving their goals. I’d like to think that if there is any way I can help, my students would feel comfortable asking me for anything they need.


Q: What is your favorite part of being at Dreyfoos so far?

A: Dreyfoos seems like walking into an ’80s John Hughes movie. In addition to a campus that is straight out of a movie set, the cast of students is so diverse and they each seem to have such large personalities. I’m not sure what character I’d play, but I’m genuinely thankful to have a small part in it and look forward to coming into work every morning.