“To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before” was released exclusively on Netflix August 17th, 2018, and has since taken the internet by storm. Whether it be gifs of Lara Jean (LJ) and Peter Kavinsky, the two main love interests, Noah Centineo (who plays Peter Kavinsky in the movie) giggling with puppies, or posts about Peter being the hottest guy, like, ever, the craze is about to break social media.

Just in case you haven’t watched the new teen love story, here’s a rundown: Two teenagers start fake-dating to deceive certain people in their lives, but slowly the faux lovers develop feelings for each other. You’ll have to see what happens next.

One of the biggest themes in this movie was the value of different relationships. This included family, friends, significant others, and even enemies. The film’s casting directors did a great job at casting actors who complimented one another. Peter and LJ (Noah Centineo and Lana Condor) read amazingly together. There wasn’t any stiffness about it. This is no surprise, considering there is even some behind the scene footage of them flirting. The family bond was also very strong as little sister Kitty’s actress, Anna Cathcart, and Condor match really well as siblings. The typical older sister vs younger sister feud was prevalent while still portraying the idea of love above all else. The acting was believable, and considering that it is a Netflix original and teenage romance, I was impressed.

The soundtrack was not the most memorable part of the film, though it wasn’t bad. The movie only contained instrumental songs, making the music more electrical than lyrical. Despite this, the hit song, “I Like Me Better” by Lauv was a great match for the movie, and many people loved the single. Being the only song with lyrics, it really made an impact on the rest of the movie. The scene it was used for is unforgettable. The rest of the soundtrack was decent. I thought that all the songs sounded natural when paired with the scenes. For the cinematography of the movie, the editing wasn’t special in any way. There was also a lot of saturation, making it appealing and trendy in the ways of films. As for the plot itself, it was interesting but somewhat juvenile, making it very unrealistic. The costumes were well done. Lara Jean’s outfits fit her character nicely and added a creative, but sophisticated, touch.

Two big things stood out to me: one positive and one negative. First, the parallelism between the beginning and the end was amazing. The whole movie started with LJ dressed as a princess walking through a field of flowers that she, the narrator, named “The Field of Desire,” into her past crush’s arms. The movie then ended with her walking into her current crush’s arms while on a different field: the lacrosse field. Now for the bad: I noticed some continuity errors. Twitter users can not get over the fact that LJ went to bed with the nightgown she wore into the hot tub. How could she go to sleep when her dress was sopping wet? But considering that that’s about all fans noticed, the movie was pretty spectacular.

Even with the over-the-top sappiness, the movie still holds a spot in people’s hearts. From the adorable family relationships to the heartwarming love between LJ and Peter, who wouldn’t be jealous? All in all, this movie is great when you’re in need of a happy, spirit lifting romance!

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