With Dreyfoos prom coming up PROMptly, tensions rise as upperclassmen scramble for dates and plan out the logistics of prom night. “Promposals” are the elaborate ways a student asks someone to be his date to prom. Much thought, planning, and money goes into the creation of a spectacular promposal. While nerve-racking, designing the promposal and trying to surprise whomever is being asked is an exciting and fun experience.


“Planning my promposal was a pain in the butt, but it meant a lot to my girlfriend and was a great way for me to show how much I care about her,” said Communications Junior Ian Gonzalez. “I spent days planning the promposal and creating the poster. I hung it up by the walkway in Cityplace and she had no clue what was coming. It was definitely worth it to go all-out for my promposal and to make her feel like a princess.”


While many people choose to ask their significant others to prom, it can also be a friendly social event that any pair can attend together. Many choose to ask their friends to prom, and some have even brought family members in the past. At Dreyfoos, any combination of people attending prom together is accepted and seen as totally normal. While it can be romantic, prom night is also a one-of-a-kind way to get out and socialize.


On April 22nd, hundreds of Dreyfoos students of all majors, cliques, and backgrounds will dance and hang out at prom. We will dine on fancy hors d’oeuvres and attempt to look as classy as awkward teenagers can hope to be. It only happens once or twice in a lifetime, so we hope to make the most out of this extravagant night.