You scroll through the explore page on Instagram, and a meticulously slow video appears of someone mixing paint colors. For some, these videos are a dreadful annoyance, wasting space in your timeline, and for others it provides a sense of calm and have been deemed “Oddly Satisfying Videos.”

No one can really explain why these videos are satisfying, but there is a great sense of fulfillment when people watch unconventional items fall perfectly into place or be destructed in some way. It either gives a sense of order and peace to the world, or it lets people watch an experience they might never see in a first person perspective.

One of the most common types of this trend is slime or putty. There are a few different variations of the videos, but it can be mixing items into it, or squishing, poking, and stretching the substances.

Another group of these videos consist of cutting kinetic sand. Kinetic sand mimics the physical properties of wet sand while remaining dry and clings together, and has become a high-demand kids toy. The sand is usually formed into a shape and someone will cut slices into it.

The previously mentioned types of videos might be viewed as satisfying largely due to the audio component of the videos. Slime can make a variety of noises that might sound audibly appealing, and the same goes for cutting kinetic sand.

It’s difficult to see how destruction can be satisfying, but there is a niche of videos that are dedicated to demolishing everyday items. Perhaps the most common reason people will find this gratifying is because they can’t do this themselves. There are also some videos that are visually appealing to watch, like cutting stacks of paper.

On the opposite end of wrecking things, creating items have been deemed just as fulfilling. Assembly lines and factories creating ordinary objects are fascinating to watch, likely attributed to the fact that it is not something we have never gotten to see before. There is also clay pottery production; whether it’s carving in new designs, building it up from its base, or painting on intricate patterns, it’s captivating to watch the final product come to life.

Similarly, when it comes to constructing products, a common trend is watching baked goods during their decoration phase. The decoration of baked goods might be considered fascinating due to the techniques used, or the final outcomes. A big part that could play into the appeal of these kinds of videos is that many people are probably just craving for some sweets, and these videos provide a mini-outlet for their appetites.

Regardless of whether these videos make sense or not, they have racked up millions of views online and on social media. The amount of Instagram accounts dedicated to these videos is astounding, and even if you’re not on board with this trend, it seems to have already taken off.